Step 1

Include the bidsmart widget javascript

Step 2

Place this code where you want to render the widget:


The company-id is required ex: 0123456789
in combination with one of 2 other params: SmartBid bidding id or your-ref

SmartBid bidding id: this is a generated bidding-id by Smartbid. This bidding-id should then be entered in the back-office/manager of the property publication (therefore provide a specific input field if you chose to use this value to render the widget)

your-ref: this is the unique identifier or reference generated by the website or CRM (e.g. publication id). This method requires that the real estate agent enters this unique reference in the Smartbid bidding procedure parameters (via RealSmart)

The default locale is nl-BE
possible values: nl-BE | fr-BE | en-BE | de-BE

color you can overwrite the main color used for the icons

Put a width on it and it will adjust

Step 3

The widget should render, fill in the fields to test: